About EPG


​At Educated Pretty Girls, we are focused on empowering, inspiring and motivating women and girls to pursue their goals and obtain them. Our brand is about instilling morals and values into our girls and women. This initiative started with my daughter, but it honestly opened my eyes to see that the issue was larger than her or me. This fueled my desire to want to find a way to make girls/women feel intelligent, empowered and "P.R.E.T.T.Y.". The word "P.R.E.T.T.Y." in our name refers to characteristics, we encourage our girls/women to possess. The acronym for "PRETTY" (Positive, Respected, Educated, Tenacious, Thoroughly, You!). For true beauty exudes from the inside out! Our goal is to make being an "Educated Pretty Girl" a lifestyle not a trend. With a variety of t-shirts to choose from, we hope to inspire girls and women everywhere. Peruse our website, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We hope to have you as a loyal supporter and friend.💖

Educated Pretty Girls (EPG), is a t-shirt line I created to inspire and motivate my daughter Jala. Jala struggles daily with trying to be cool, versus focusing on her education and future. Jala is an exceptionally intelligent young lady, and as her mother I only want "The Best" for her! Educated Pretty Girls (EPG) is my attempt to encourage Jala to stay focused on what's most important...her "Education!".

Jala loves t-shirts, so I chose to create (EPG) t-shirts with affirmations to not only encourage, empower and motivate her, but to also make her and other girls know that being smart is cool. The principles I promote through EPG help me spread two tenets I am extremely passionate about, and that is "education and character." My goal and mission is to not only inspire Jala, but other young ladies like her. I emphasize this because your education and character are two very important components to obtaining success. No matter what your goals or aspirations are. EPG believes these two tenents are vital to your success.